Design & Features

Fluted Bezel
Every watch was designed with sparkle in mind. The fluted bezel reflects light from any angle creating a spectacular light show, directing your attention to the elegant profile of the 36mm case. 
Champagne Dial
Mimicking delicate rays of sunshine, our carefully curated champagne dial captures light at the centre of the timepiece and refracts it towards the edges of the case for an exceptional shine.
18k Gold Plating
Gold is highly recognised for its nobility and glow. Steel is known for its strength and durability. Our Signature collection brings together the best of each material, allowing for the ultimate finish. All gold surfaces on the watch case, bracelet and bezel are 18k Gold Plated.
Dual Polish Finish
All Signature Collection timepieces merge two contrasting surface finishes on the bracelet. The central chain of the bracelet shines with a high polish finish while the outer edges create a frame using a matte finish. 
11 Signature Jewels
Replacing the traditional tickers on our Signature timepieces are 11 hand-placed jewels selected for their high level of shine and light refraction. 
Japanese Movement
The Japanese Quartz movement is well established as being being more accurate than any mechanical movement ever created. This is why we selected the Miyota GL-30 to drive the heartbeat of our Signature timepieces.